About Us

Strengthening the Domestic Manufacturing Sector Through Robotic Automation

We are on a mission to transform our domestic manufacturing sector. By 2030, the United States will have over 2 million unfilled manufacturing jobs, a potentially trillion-dollar problem. If we want to build things here again, adopting robotic automation in our factories is absolutely critical.

At Addtronics, we empower leading robotic automation companies to solve real world manufacturing problems, like increasing throughput, improving worker safety, enhancing product quality, and driving velocity. We believe that together, we can revitalize American manufacturing.

Solving Real World Manufacturing Problems

Addtronics empowers leading robotic automation companies to solve real world manufacturing problems like increasing output, improving worker safety, enhancing product quality, and driving productivity.

Multiple Markets. The Same Standards of Quality.

Addtronics has the scale and expertise needed to solve complex challenges and meet rigid quality standards in numerous industries. With our depth of expertise and capabilities, we provide solutions that are customized based on specific requirements and regulations.

Revolutionary Products. Transformative Services.

Addtronics presents an all-encompassing suite of solutions that is revolutionizing manufacturing across North America.

Robotic Automation

Strengthening the domestic manufacturing sector by increasing access to robotic automation solutions.


Custom robotic solutions designed to complete packing processes at high speeds with superior reliability and accuracy.

Complete Systems

Fully automated systems that address manufacturer’s greatest challenges today including labor shortages, quality issues, safety issues, and production challenges.


Whether it’s replacing or repairing a part in your robot system, our specially trained engineers are equipped to handle difficult robot services, provide parts and repairs, and perform preventative maintenance.

Lean Manufacturing

Meeting the latest lean management specifications for minimization of waste without sacrificing productivity.

Machine Vision and Testing

Utilizing machine vision to ensure maximum accuracy, consistency, and reliability in various automation tasks.

Process Automation

Expertise in designing and building innovative processes for any manufacturing environment. This includes overall conceptual engineering to detailed design and machine/system programming.

Custom System Design

Our team will partner alongside your organization to design and build a fully custom automated system tailored directly to your specific needs.

Prototype Builds

Taking a complex conceptual idea and turning it into a working prototype to determine the right solution for you.

Control System Integration

Enhancing operational efficiency by seamlessly integrating control systems through the design, programming, and implementation of strategies that facilitate effective communication and interaction within the machinery.

Assembly Cells

Extensive experience in a wide array of assembly solutions. These solutions include, but are not limited to, pneumatic/servo pick & places, presses, drives, and torque systems.

Material Handling Systems

Material handling robots capable of transfers in a number of mission-critical tasks such as pick and place, palletizing, packaging, assembly, and more.

Leak Testing

Stations that test the integrity of parts with leak detectors, pressure/vacuum tests, sensors, and more.

Machine Tending Systems

Utilizing automation in conjunction with presses, CNC machining, and injection mold machines to increase productivity, profitability, and uptime.

Precision Tooling

Long-standing partnerships with vendors who have diverse capabilities and certifications to meet all of your project requirements whether high or low precision, at competitive lead time and pricing.

Standard Systems

Addtronics offers cutting-edge standard systems designed to optimize automation processes and enhance manufacturing efficiency.

A Growing Family of Companies

Our family of companies has been providing robust automation solutions for 60+ years. Their collective strength continues to grow as we expand through strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Join Us at the Forefront of Robotic Automation

Are you looking to join a family of leading companies working together to transform our domestic manufacturing sector through robotic automation? Do you want to take your company to the next level with capital, resources, and unparalleled support? Let’s get a conversation started and shape the future together.