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W8500 (WTX form factor)
Extra Series Cases 
--------7890A (Server Tower)
--------7896A (Server Tower)
--------6890A (Full Tower)
--------6896A (Full Tower)
--------3890A (Mid Tower)
--------M90 (Micro ATX)
--------2901 (Flex ATX)
--------CL6210 (Full Tower)
--------CL7220 (Server Tower)
--------CL9240 (Server/12U)
--------R110 (1U Case)
--------R220 (2U Controller)
--------Controller Series
--------Server ATX Tower
--------Mid ATX Towers
--------Extra 90 Series
--------Extra 96 Series
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  It is not just a case. It is a User Friendly case.    
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Addtronics is an integrated computer case manufacturer that offers design, tooling, stamping, welding, coating, and assembly of sturdy metal and plastic cases for Enclosure cases and PC compatibles.

The company primarily serves the OEM market but also customizes products to meet particular requirements. OEM/ODM programs are available with a quick turnaround.

Do you want the highest quality products and high profits? *** We can Help *** to bring you the highest quality computer cases that will set you apart from your competitor.

Are you frustrated with the cheap cases and lousy quality........ *** Check our Extra Series Cases***.



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