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CR9240   12U Server/Rackmount Case

Addtronics new 12U Server case, 

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Can Fit Different Motherboard(Quad CPU) Size can fit Quad CPU Motherboard.

•Set up as individual Server Case or can convert to 12U Rackmount Case.

Slide-In/Out Motherboard Tray And Slot Bracket - Easy Installation, Testing, And Maintenance.

Swing-Open Side Doors For Easy Access To Chassis For Easy Access And Maintenance.

Security Lock On Front Panel - No Unauthorized Opening.

•Can Fit Different ATX Motherboards(Marl, Venus, Tucson,At...)

No Screw And Wire On Front Panel.

•Support Redundant Power Supply (2+1 Redundant Power supply).

Ventilation Holes On The Front Panel Allows Cool Air To Enter, While Hot Air Exits Through Ventilation Holes On The Side Doors And Back Of The Case.

Hot Swap Fans Are Available In Addition To The Power Supply Fan. Non-Screw Fan Bracket.

Clip-On Bezel No Screw & Wire

Adjustable Height Base For Uneven Surfaces

Locking Front Panel & Main Chassis For Security

Metal Shielding For All Exposed Drive Bays To Meet FCC Spec's

Top Cover Opens For Convenient Access To Drives

•All Flanges Deburred For Safety

•Zinc Plated Treatment ?S.E.C.C. Steel Sheeting

Screw In EMI Drive Bay Fillers

•Meet FCC B Spec.

•Power Supply: ATX, PSII or Redundant. Safety:UL/CSA/TUV/CE/CB/N/D/FI/S


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