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W8500 (WTX form factor)
Extra Series Cases 
--------7890A (Server Tower)
--------7896A (Server Tower)
--------6890A (Full Tower)
--------6896A (Full Tower)
--------3890A (Mid Tower)
--------M90 (Micro ATX)
--------2901 (Flex ATX)
--------CL6210 (Full Tower)
--------CL7220 (Server Tower)
--------CL9240 (Server/12U)
--------R110 (1U Case)
--------R220 (2U Controller)
--------Controller Series
--------Server ATX Tower
--------Mid ATX Towers
--------Extra 90 Series
--------Extra 96 Series
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  It is not just a case. It is a User Friendly case.

7890A/7896A ATX TOWER CASES (Fit  MS440GX and Xeon Motherboards)

Click here for(7890A) picture, Click here for(7896A) picture
Engineering draft,                    Engineering draft
Specification Sheet in tables


Slide-In/Out Motherboard Tray And Slot Bracket - Easy Installation, Testing, And Maintenance

Swing-Open Side Doors For Easy Access To Chassis For Easy Access And Maintenance.

Front Panel Removable Air Filter - Easy Clean

Fit Different Motherboard Size BABY AT FULL Or ATX(Incl. XEON)

Security Lock On Front Panel - No Unauthorized Opening.

•Can Fit Different ATX Motherboards(Marl, Venus, Tucson,At...)

No Screw And Wire On Front Panel.

•Support Redundant Power Supply (Model 7890A/7896A).

Ventilation Holes On The Front Panel Allows Cool Air To Enter, While Hot Air Exits Through Ventilation Holes On The Side Doors And Back Of The Case.

Optional Fans Are Available In Addition To The Power Supply Fan. Non-Screw Fan Bracket.

Clip-On Bezel No Screw & Wire

Washable Front Filter To Keep Dust Out

Drive Rails For Ease Of Drive Installation

Adjustable Height Base For Uneven Surfaces

•Can Hold Up To 9 Fans For Maximum Ventilation

Locking Front Panel & Main Chassis For Security

Metal Shielding For All Exposed Drive Bays To Meet FCC Spec's

Top Cover Opens For Convenient Access To Drives

•All Flanges Deburred For Safety

•Zinc Plated Treatment · S.E.C.C. Steel Sheeting

Screw In EMI Drive Bay Fillers

•Meet FCC B Spec.

•Power Supply: Ps/2, ATX Or Redundant. Safety: UL/CSA/TUV/CE/CB/N/D/FI/S

•Each Power Supply Pass Extra 30 Minutes Test On Our Factory, Very Very Low RMA Rate

•N.W. 15kg G.W. 17kg

Parts List


  Model 7890A 7896A
Click for full view-->: 7890ADraw-50.gif (17869 bytes) 7896A-draw-50.gif (12413 bytes)
CONSTRUCTION: Server Tower Server Tower
DIMENSIONS: 17.51"Dx8.27"x26.3"H 17.51"Dx8.27"x26.3"H
  • AT (BABY or FULL size)
  • ATX (small to FULL size) 
  • AT (BABY or FULL size)
  • ATX (small to FULL size) 
Drive Space 5.25" Exposed 7 6
Drive Space 5.25" Hidden 1 1
Drive Space 3.5" Exposed 1 1
Drive Space 3.5" Hidden 2 2

Optional (2 or   CPU fan bracket)

POWER SUPPLY (type): ATX, PSII & Redundant ATX, PSII & Redundant
Long Card Space 7 full-length 7 full-length
Rear Side SLOT 12 OR ATX 12 OR ATX
Rear Side DB-9 1 1
Rear Side DB-25 2 1
EASY ASSEMBLY Hinged Side Panels Hinged Side Panels
FRONT PANEL SWITCHES: Power and reset Power and reset
  • Power (dual color Green/Orange)
  • HD1 (Red)
  • HD2 (Red)
  • Power (dual color Green/Orange)
  • HD1 (Red)
  • HD2 (Red)
COOLING FANS: 1 8x8 cm fan (incl.)
  • 1  12x12 cm fan (incl.)
  • 1  8x8 cm fan (incl.)
SIDE ACCESS: Swing open side doors Swing open side doors
FRONT ACCESS: Snap on front bezel Snap on front bezel
Security Lock: Yes Yes
5-1/4" DRIVE RAILS 14 12
Slide In/Out Motherboard Tray Yes Yes
Screw In EMI Drive Bay Metal Shielding Yes Yes
CASTERS(4 WHEELS): Optional Optional
LUXURY BASE Optional Optional
  • 8  8x8 cm
  • 1  6x6 cm
  • 7  8x8 cm
  • 1  9x9 cm
  • 1  12x12 cm
WEIGHT: 38 lb. (net) 38 lb. (net)
FINISH: Beige Beige(with Beige Net)
SAFETY: Meets CE and FCC-B specs Meets CE and FCC-B specs
Packing N.W. x G.W. x Cuft 16kgx18kgx4.6' 16kgx18kgx4.8'
  • 12-slot MB
  • Redundant Power
  • 7 8x8cm, 1 6x6cm fans
  • Casters
  • Redundant Power
  • 7 8x8cm, 1 9x9cm fans
  • Casters



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