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W8500 (WTX form factor)
Extra Series Cases 
--------7890A (Server Tower)
--------7896A (Server Tower)
--------6890A (Full Tower)
--------6896A (Full Tower)
--------3890A (Mid Tower)
--------M90 (Micro ATX)
--------2901 (Flex ATX)
--------CL6210 (Full Tower)
--------CL7220 (Server Tower)
--------CL9240 (Server/12U)
--------R110 (1U Case)
--------R220 (2U Controller)
--------Controller Series
--------Server ATX Tower
--------Mid ATX Towers
--------Extra 90 Series
--------Extra 96 Series
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It is not just a case. It is a User Friendly case.

Our case was choose by Maximum PC as their Dream Machine 98.


" Is bigger better? No. But more drive bays is better, and Addtronics had us in expansion heaven. It features seven 5.25-inch drive bays that slide out on rails, along with eight fan bays-we filled five of them for mare-than-adequate chilly-chill. To power all the fans and peripherals, we opted for a 300W power supply. The swing-out doors, height-adjustable feet, and detachable motherboard tray helped seal the deal.

Addtronics 7890A We were sold on the beefy 300W power supply, seven 5-25-inch drive bays, and eight fan bays. A perfect case for expansion and chop-shop tomfoolery." From Maximum PC


Please check the Maximum PC September issue

Cover            P.61                  P64                P70

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Maximum PC September issue


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